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Our family spent Spring Break 2007 in the Cayman Islands.  The Caymans are one of the greatest
places in the world to vacation, and my all time favorite activity when I'm on the island is to go to
Stingray City. I have been to the sandbar many times, but I always enjoy the return trip and
experience.  On our most recent trip, we decided to go out on a boat, rather than a catamaran. I met
George Hobbs (the trip photographer) on the boat. We chatted on our way to the sandbar, and he
explained that he would take pictures of our experiences with the stingrays.  
The water and conditions were unusually rough on this trip; George was taking pictures, but the
conditions with wind and waves were not optimum for photos.  When we went to Rum Point for
lunch, George invited all to review the pictures on his laptop to see if we wanted to purchase any of
the shots.  Imagine my surprise when I viewed the pictures and they were great! George had
captured people, the sea, the sky and the stingrays in an incredibly artistic fashion.  The lighting in
the photos was unbelievable; something you normally see in an art gallery -- I actually ended up
buying 4 times the number of photos because they were all so good.

I work as a personal trainer. George approached me and said that he thought he could get some
good shots of me for my business; I was interested because I was already impressed with his
work. The photo session was great; George is very easy to work with and has a wonderful way of
keeping his subject both relaxed and having fun.  I have had professional shots done before, but
both myself and my husband have never been satisfied with the final results; in the pictures I always
end up looking posed and stiff.  I do not consider myself particularly photogenic, but the pictures that
George took of me are incredible. I look like a rock star in the photos and my husband was thrilled
with the results.  We have been told that they could actually be used as gallery shots or made into a
professional calendar. George has an unbelievable eye which lets him bring out the spirit and
personality of his subject and his shots reflect a true artistic talent. I urge anyone who would like to
have photos of themselves to make use of George's talents so that they will have exceptional and
memorable photos to treasure.  He is an artist and a wonderful person as well!     Kathie Hiatt
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George Hobbs Photography
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