George Hobbs Art & Photography
" The Wonder of You "
For 18 years of my life I have been a professional musician and either performed or studied
it for 40 years. I started to teach myself guitar in 1990.  In 2003 I started performing acoustic
sets professionally in Scotland. Elvis had always been an inspiration and whilst living in
Scotland I began studying Elvis with a view to developing songs he popularised-this was to
include into my repertoire. The "Wonder of You" was one of those songs and began my first
attempt at a drawing at same time.
George Hobbs
I took the
photograph of the
drawing with a Fuji
Finepix S5 DSLR
George Hobbs Art & Photography
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This drawing carries some of the historical
elements of Elvis life during this particular

This original drawing is for sale if anyone is
interested and will accept offers for
consideration. It is on a canvas board 20 X 16

I wish to uphold the integrity of the Elvis
Presley Estates regarding the drawing. I can
only consider selling it with the agreement that
no prints or copying is done for either
commercial or personal use.

Any interest in the picture please forward on
this email or any of the contact links on the site
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George Hobbs Graphics
George Hobbs Graphics
George Hobbs Graphics