I first traveled to the United States Many years ago. I was a young Royal Marines Musician on board Navy
warships. I remember then the profound and lasting impressions that formed whist I was in America. I have
been to The US many times now and want more and more to be an American. The country in my view has
electrified the world in it's short history, leading the way in setting higher standards....demonstrating that
anyone from the humblest of backgrounds can rise to fulfill their own aspirations and dreams. Not the only
country to have done so but is probably responsible for kick starting the rest of them-the others not wanting
to be left behind. Jealous neighbours formed to criticise and "copy".

Deployments were full and busy for The Band whilst in port. We took on ambassadorial roles during visits
so performed at functions, events etc. On one tour we were invited to play at Shea Stadium before and during
a Mets game. Being a ships band there were only 24 of us. When we stepped out into the stadium at
capacity of 50,000  the cheer that greeted us was deafening. We could not hear ourselves play!! As we were
marching around playing, I kept thinking back to the sixties when The Beatles played here for what was at
the time the largest outdoor concert ever performed.

It was great to be on the field when the players came out. What impressed me about the players as they ran
amongst us warming up, was there athletisism and sheer physical presence.

Perhaps one of my most memorable trips there, was in my final year with the Marines, 1984. A three week
tour in and around Washington DC, culminating in a combined concert with the
Presidents Own, United
States Marine Band. The musicians in this band are drawn from the finest bands, orchestras, colleges and
session musicians throughout America. To rehearse and perform with them was probably one of, if not the
greatest highlights of my career. Our visit there generated a lot of interest and was given coverage on the
local T.V.  Networks. We were invited as guests to The White House and played a concert inside the
Pentagon. The final concert was performed with the Presidents Own in front of a large audience including a
variety of dignitaries at The 8th & I Barracks, Washington.

At this point of my career, I was playing the Eb Clarinet and was presented with a challenging programme for
the concert. The music included, Overture Di Ballo, American Pageant, Stars & Stripes and other great

Two of the greatest compliments ever, were paid to me after the concert.....they have stuck with me always.
As we were all taking the final applause, my counterpart on the Eb from the Presidents Own, a Master
Sergeant, shook hands with me and said, " George you are a very fine musician ". The other was OUR
principal clarinetist, a guy called "Clem" Cocker. We were enjoying a lavish reception after the concert when
he came up to me and said " when you were performing those solos I had to look across to see if it was
there guy that was playing ". We both laughed. I wanted to join The Presidents Own!!!
Bible Prophecy ~ World Events
I took this picture with a
Pentax K1000 as we were
entering The Whitehouse.
The Secret Service agent
who escorted us around,
informed us that the last
time Royal Marines,
collectively in uniform
entered The Whitehouse,
was during The Wars of
Independence in 1812
whereby they burned it to
the ground. We made
history that day.
I am second
from the far
end & Clem
Cocker is
Many years ago whilst spending a period of time in Washington State-I got to know an Englishmen who had
moved to and set up a company there. There was a phrase he liked to use which I have grown to recognise.
He would say " the English attitude is, that if I can't have it, then neither can they " whereby the American
attitude is " well if they can have it, then so can I ". Hard work, application, good work ethics, ability and talent
can take you to great places. This guy definitely believed in the American Dream.

I remember some of the bodies I met in Wenatchee. I became involved with the local Concert Band where I
performed as a percussionist. During the build up to the concert I took part in a radio show which generated
a lot of local interest. A really friendly, hospitable place and welcoming to my musical background.

Now meeting and taking pictures of mainly Americans on a daily basis has reinforced those experiences
and know how much I enjoy their company. All of the people on the Today page and elsewhere on my site
as well as all of the others I have met, have been so uplifting. I hope that the opportunity arises whereby I
can be one of you and live in America.

The Royal Marine Band is a Zionist body and sadly my disassociation with it has enhanced. The masonic
agenda positioned in the British establishment is the satanic rebellion against the God of Israel. Political
Zionism is the anti thesis to the Torah given to Moshe. I was most disgusted when this was eventually
revealed to me. It is a deception that is being forced on the British people and the world as it was me. I
joined to be a musician not a cult worshiper.
by George Hobbs
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(1) “For Lo, in those days and at that time, When I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem
(2) I will also gather all nations, And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
And I will contend with them Over  My very own people, Israel,
Which they scattered among the nations;
For they divided my land among themselves,
And cast lots over my people;
and they bartered a boy for a whore,
and sold a girl for wine,
which they drank.
Joel 4