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I never could progress as an artist or musician in that system, its a political fascist
masonic system pushing forward the precepts of Rome and i never joined for that but
for music. Things went badly for me subsequently. My creativity was suppressed, and
left after 10 years. I taught woodwind in schools for 2.5 years. Although I never enjoyed
the one on one teaching in that curriculum I did enjoy conducting bands and
orchestras.In subsequent years I began to teach myself the guitar and that opened up a
wonderful spectrum of color in music for me. This seemed to nourish my musical soul,
enjoying the color of chords and making music that was inspired to me. It was the
beautifully made guitars and the wood crafting that also appealed to me

In 2001 having removed myself from government work I travelled and lived in the
Caribbean for a few years. I developed a repertoire of song covers acoustically and
played sets in a variety of venues. During this time my own songs started to come out
and wanted also to develop them professionally taking advice from industry legal

I was commissioned to write a theme song for a radio station new broadcast which
they used. I also recorded and performed the material which was used for jingles as
the main theme when the show was being broadcast.

My Songs: are a great joy to me, as is the creative process that was introduced along
with them: and want to develop them fully and need pro assistance with that. It would be
good to find a publisher for the songs.

Memberships: PRS for Music Writer member & BASCA
Bio of George Hobbs: 56 years, Born Dundee Scotland. I
started learning to play music at about 8 years. Growing up
in the sixties gave me a passion for popular music. I can
remember the sounds of the Beatles, American rock,
country and all the great songs that seemed to come from
nowhere. The Beatles have remained the main influence
that caused me to learn the guitar and how to construct
songs although the others as i mentioned are instrumental
in that process also.

At school I learned to play the clarinet and became also
involved with classical music which I equally loved. At
sixteen years I joined the Marines as a musician. During
training I was awarded the class prizes for clarinet and
violin in each of my 2 and half years of training and given
the musical progress cup in my final year. I was appointed
the leader of the junior band.
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