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Bible Prophecy ~ World Events
The Word of God!
During the last days of the age a series of devastating phenomenon, natural disasters and plagues
will be administered to people and the planet during a period of time described in The Holy Bible as
The Tribulation and The Great Tribulation. This is a final 7 years that will be triggered off by some
means. This next piece of scripture is considered by many Torah scholars to contain details of that
7 year period

  • Daniel 9:27 During one week he will make a covenant with many. For half a week he will put
    a stop to the sacrifice and the meal offering. At the corner ( of the altar ) will be an appalling
    abomination until the decreed destruction will be poured down upon the appalling thing ".

The Books of Daniel and Revelation have become known for there symbolism in describing
empires and systems that have dominated our history. They describe a fourth beast which is the
most ferocious and will arise ( Dan 7 & Rev 17 ) for the last time. Many bible scholars and believers
are of the view that these events have begun. I believe it, although it is improper to say where we are
exactly in the divine plan.

The Roman agenda which has most governments, businesses and administrations in the world
will rise to instate a one world government....Dan 7. The New World order is more open and
exposed in the world right now and huge awakening is under way. They are a lot weaker than one
can know

His intention is to destroy The House of Israel and set up his own kingdom on Planet Earth. This
climaxes at The Valleys of Megiddo & Jehoshaphat, Jerusalem:  Joel 3

  • (1) “For behold, in those days and at that time, When I bring back the captives of
    Judah and Jerusalem
  • (2) I will also gather all nations  And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
    And I will enter into judgment with them On account of My people, My heritage Israel,
    Whom they have scattered among the nations; They have also divided up My land.

Megiddo is a vast plain north of Jerusalem and Jehoshaphat is the valley that runs between the
temple mount and The Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem: Zechariah14:

  • 4. On that day, He will set His feet on The Mount of Olives, near Jerusalem on the east; and
    The Mount of Olives shall split across from east to west, and one part of the Mount shall shift
    to the north and the other to the south, a huge gorge.                                               

HaShem (God) warns us that The Anti Messiah wants to be The messiah and will masquerade as
him. His deception will be so advanced with technology and use of government systems that many
will be fooled, forced and follow him to their agonising death:

There is now a legal framework between Israel and The EU, an ENP or action plan.

The Goldstone Report has been an other instrument that HaShem has used and this has caused a
separation of nations and peoples through a referendum either for or against Israel on the UN and
EU platform. PM Netanyahu will stand firm knowing that a Palestinian two state solution means
annihilation for The Jewish people, Israel and most particularly...Biblical Judea!! WHY?

All of this will happen just prior to the return of The Jewish Messiah, who's intervention both
prevents global holocaust and destroys the forces of evil and sin.

These pages are going to outline documentation which is readily available on websites of the
originators throughout The European Legislative bodies. They give specifics of crucial time lines
which "MAY BE" related to a sequence of events that will occur up until the end of 2013. By which
time planet earth will have been decimated as well as retribution, the wrath of God on individual

The early part of 2009 I was preparing to leave the Cayman Islands having been
under seige from "
The  Agenda "  and watched as Israel exercised unassailable restraint as they underwent continued
bombardment from neighbouring enemies until they had to defend themselves.

I watched closely throughout 2008 the inordinate amount of diplomacy and movement between the
US and that time the Bush and Olmert administrations. I really felt that agreements were
being put into place relating to scripture and that whilst impossible to keep secret were being
"muffled".  I searched and dug looking for a spark of something that might indicate we are close to
the end of age and lo and behold i found it.

It has to be noted that there is an agreement in place with Israel which is the country to watch.
Biblically a 7 year sabbatical cycle begun in 2008. The sabbatical year is 2015

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European Union ENP & Israel
George Hobbs
The following pages contain EU documentation that "
may " relate directly to prophetic events in The Torah
and Tanakh. If you believe in The Word of God and that
the Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua ha Moshiach is about to
make his return to earth, then you may want to look at
these very carefully. His return means the end of this
age and the start of the Messianic Age. Its climax will
be the battle of Armageddon. Return to The
Armageddon page and follow updates once you have
viewed this sub site.
George Hobbs Grapihcs
1 “For Lo, in those days and at that time, When I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem
2 I will gather all the nations  And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
There I will contend with them Over  My very own people, Israel,
Joel 4
Final Days of The Age
Published 8thMay09