George Hobbs Graphics
This was very challenging photography..getting quality pictures that is. The odds were stacked against you getting a good
picture. You were dealing with people..a lot of the time nervous conditions, animals and very little time to get
through a lot of pictures. There was then a boat journey of about 35 minutes back to the dock during which everyone had to
view there photos and burn them to disc if they wanted them. To see the shoot and purchase any photos please visit this link

A Photo Journalistic experience
of my work in The Cayman Islands
leading to my dismissal from work for
believing in God and supporting Laws &
Regulations governing the well being of
Marine life. The Southern Stingray
pictured here was one of the main
creatures being abused and
exploited.       As well as myself!!
Fired from Work for Believing in Laws of Nature (Torah) and Upholding the Law in British West
.I became involved with The Department of The Environment-Cayman Islands in implementing new regulations
governing the well being of marine life in conservation areas. This resulted in my dismissal from work and residence on the
islands. My stay on the islands was blocked however by officials in other areas of government administering unfair treatment
toward me.  The Elders from the Churches tried to get me to abandon the Torah in favour of Christianity and the Satanic
Agenda.....Rome and Freemasonry. I was being placed into a position of being forced to either worship Satan or no job and
leave the islands..I left the islands and ran into the agenda once again in the UK.. Armageddon. Generally I was placed into a
situation of oppression to see things the masonic way or leave the islands. The bully boy Rome at work as it is everywhere
This first link relates to my employers, indicating that they cannot keep me on due to financial reasons. This was in April 2008.
Prior to this they had been trying to force a reduction in my wages, essentially taking me into slavery by exploiting my vulnerable
position on the Islands. This release was a trick in order for me to face leaving the Island or accept their terms. However the
agenda has been trying to get me back into the throws of my evil blood family ( masons ). I took the letter to leave but then they
kept me on.

The next link relates to my final release having spent the previous months working with the DOE in implementing new laws. My
employers were continually showing the inability to both understand or care about the laws. This letter was given to me at
10pm at my home address without prior invitation. Three days earlier i had sent correspondence to the DOE copying it to
employers after bringing all of this to their attention for months before doing so. I had requested several times a contract
outlining out agreements. The mafia islands view was i have no rights. My requests were ignored.