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Anne lived the last year of her life in concentration
camps..Auchwitz and then
Belsen. An epidemic
swept through the camp in March 1945 which
apparently caused her death. A month later the
camp was liberated by British Troops who burned
it to the ground. Whatever horrors she endured
and whoever was responsible will be brought
before God
At a certain point in future history
the Christian church and the world will enter
a period of unprecedented turmoil.
Christians will be asked to enter a
compromised harlot church system. This
harlot church will be in covenant with a
certain global peacemaker. He will be the
one who has just brokered an epic 7 year
covenant with Israel, the G-8 nations and the
Church. - Dan.9:27 It will be a time of
decision for all mankind. It will either be "his
way, ..... or the Highway". Fortunately God will
be guiding His people. And they will indeed
choose 'the Highway'. They will be streaming
onto the 'Highway of Holiness'. (Isa.35)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy..Video..Listen to JFK speaking out against Secret societies and
subversive governments. Without doubt one of the speeches that would have cost him his life.
Two of the decisive changes he was about to make were to transfer the role of The CIA over to
the military and also to make legislative changes which would reduce the takings of the
worlds financial elite. One of those elite was Aristotle Onassis..who ironically married Jackie
Kennedy several years later..
Repentance: True Repentance is Salvation and Faith, through our awakening or
relationship with the holy spirit and to The High Priest, Jesus Christ or Yeshua ha Moshiach to give
him his Hebrew name, we then adopt our faith in him by following his teachings ( Torah ). Is
repentance ( Torah ) merely a passing thought of his name or a notion that we are then saved or
born again, as many Christian Churches will advocate. Yeshua suffered as he did on the cross and
through his torture to save us from our sin. Can we really expect then to deny that he is living Torah.
We must live as he did to be part of the resurrection and eternal life. Live Torah.

It is arguably the most important area in all of our lives right now, particularly through these last days.
We are all sinners and therefore all need to repent ( Torah ) and in the absence of this repentance
then the scriptures indicate that serious judgement will befall those who carry on living as they are in
a world that has run amok.

God said to Noah that he regretted creating man on earth ( Gen 6 1:13 ) as he saw that evil had filled
their hearts and then brought the great flood to rid the world of them. God prophesied that in The
Last Days..Math 24:37 "But as the days Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38
" For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage,
until the day that Noah entered the ark.

" I am the alpha and the omega, the Beginning and the End, the first and the Last " Rev 22:13 virtually
the last passage in The Bible.  

If you look down the left column you will see good articles concerning repentance. Repentance is
Salvation..Salvation is Yeshua..Yeshua is Torah..Yeshua was living Torah when he was among us..
Biblical repentance is Torah and there is no other type of repentance says God..

  • Biblical Repentance is written Torah..
Professor Walter Veith Talking About Hidden Agendas..
Video 1hr 37mins
Miep Gies: Woman who helped shelter Anne Frank's family from the Nazis, then rescued her
historic diary dies aged 100
John Lennon and the Illuminati
Special Announcement January 27 2011: Recently, I linked myself to the Yad Vashem
Holocaust Memorial Museum in Israel. The opportunity was there to be associated with a
holocaust victim whereby your name is placed on the museum wall along with the name of
the person.

I guess most people at some point have seen film either on TV or somewhere and watched
with horror the barbarism of the holocaust. Having an attachment to those events through this
event certainly provides the proximity to it as far as I am concerned.

The person who I have been linked with is Philip Wurms. Philip was born in Amsterdam on
the 14th April 1941. He was murdered in Auschwitz concentration camp and died there on the
24th September 1942. He was 1 year old.

His mother Rachel (27) and father Abraham (28) were also murdered in Auschwitz  and died
there in 1943.

I have just become involved with this so intend to develop this section as and when more
information about Philip becomes available. One can hardly imagine the type of people that
will do this but they are there. In fact they are rising once again in Europe through the UN and
EU. My own blood family worship in the British element of the system that was responsible
for these atrocities and so it is a strange irony that I find a family of truth through these
incredible historic times that we live through. Please get involved by turning to the God of
Israel who loves you..if you only but knew how much...
The Native American Indian: These incredible peoples who suffered one the most brutal
genocides at the hands of the white man. They are more and more recognised as a
descended race from the lost tribes of Israel. So this would make absolute sense as to why
they were murdered in the manner that they were. The New World Order used there agenda of
demonizing them as ignorant savages when in fact they were a deeply peaceful and spiritual
people again forced to defend themselves against the Luciferian rebellion..the NWO. Here
are two videos demonstrating there wonderful culture and history...

Auschwitz and the Holocaust
However there will be total of 4 lunar eclipses ( Tetrad ) in 2014 & 15 on Passover and Sukkot both years which
does not happen very often. The other times it did happen was in 1948 and 1967 each with Jewish significance.
Israel a nation once more and the six day war consecutively. They happen when a major war has occurred so let's
see what happens then if anything. We do seem to be seeing a major fallout building up with Israel right now with
the EU as the vehicle for against Israel nations to turn to.
Torah Observance    
The Ark containing the "Tablets of the Law" was the most secluded of the Mishkan's vessels, hidden away in its
innermost chamber, the "Holy of Holies." This expresses the ideal that the Torah scholar (who serves as an "Ark"
for the Torah) must remove himself from all worldly endeavors. At the same time, the Ark was also the most
"portable" of the Tabernacle's vessels. The Torah decrees that, "The carrying poles shall be in the rings of the Ark;
they shall never be removed" (Exodus 25:15) -- a law which applies exclusively to the Ark.

If there is a soul somewhere in the ends of earth thirsting for the word of G-d, the Torah scholar must be prepared
to leave his sanctum to transport the Torah to that place. Even as he sits in his "Holy of Holies," he must be always
at the ready to venture out, constantly aware of his responsibilities toward the world outside.

  • (The Lubavitcher Rebbe)
Down the right column you will find the fixed times and festivals from Pesach to Sukkot. Being quite new to my
calling, the pages dealing with the various feast days are being developed. As well as seven main  Holy Feast
Days on The Hebrew Calendar, there are additional holidays that are kept in order to help understand the
scriptures and HaShem and also to remember the history of the covenant and creation.

There are seven colors in the rainbow, In Genesis  9: 8 -17 HaShem (G-d) established the rainbow as a sign of
his covenant after the great flood. This was until the end of time

  • Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let
    them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; Genesis 1:14

Blood Moons / Lunar Eclipses: G-d tells us in scripture ( Gen 1:14 above ) that the heavenly bodies will play a part
in giving his followers signs particularly in the last days:

Other passages indicate that this means the skies will be darkened in the last days by the unrighteous as the
armies of the anti christ swarm upon the world in the final holocaust of the age and also for people who's days will
be darkened
Biblical Jew
12th 1st Month 5769
6th April 2009
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The biblical fixed times and festivals are written in Torah. This seems to explain a little more the meaning or nature
of what is being said. The first books of Moshe are the Torah sanctified by God Almighty. I understand the Torah to
be a book of science, nature, agriculture and philosophy; above all it is a book of truth. Our best quest in life is to try
and understand the truth and return to it. It is not a book of religion. These fixed times or "Moeds" are part of
meeting with the almighty creator of the universe. You will find a banner down the right column on each of the
pages explaining more about the holy days. How you identify with G-d is through your actions...meeting when he
says to do it. The Moeds

  • Lev 23:1 The Lord spoke with Moses saying: 2 Speak with the Israelites and say to them: The fixed times of
    the lord which you must proclaim as a sacred event, these are my fixed times  
Rabbi Chananya Ben
Tradyon Murdered (2nd
century CE)..Rabbi
Chananya Ben Tradyon,
one of the "Ten
Martyrs"  was
discovered by The
Romans teaching the
outlawed Torah. They
then wrapped him in a
Torah scroll, piled
bundles of twigs around
him, and before setting
him afire they placed
damp woolen cloths on
him to prolong the agony
of being burned to death.
As the flames engulfed
him, his disciples asked
him, "Master, what do
you see?" Rabbi
Chananya replied: "I see
a scroll burning, but the
letters flying up to
NASA: A Puzzling
Collapse of Earth's
Upper Atmosphere.
"Something is going on
that we do not
understand," says
I like your Christ, I just
don't like your
Christians..M.K. Gandhi
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  • Dev 34:10 And there has not arisen a prophet since in