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Recently I have taken a stance in support of Environmental bodies in the Caymans who are trying to stop the abuse
of the wildlife and the environment. This has caused difficulties with my employers and others as I address the
illegal and unsafe working practices of there crews through them. Particularly in there unwillingness to recognise
the well being of the Stingrays or the environment in general. There response has been to completely ignore me
and the Department of The Environment.

The "agenda" and/or evil that is gathering it's forces around me as we speak is reaching fever pitch. They have found
a platform on the boats that I work from to exercise there plans or sickness and have put into place something that
will never work. It is amazing the amount of people that support this kind of behaviour!! Whilst they now have me
isolated they can exercise there evil to its fullest. I know what to expect as the absolute wonder of the scriptures keep
me informed. I will stay with what is right and true.

  • Further to the above paragraph-with immediate effect on the 25th August 2008 my employers dismissed me
    from work for supporting ethical regulations and more

Because of the high profile I now have and the manner in which greed and evil tries to make misery toward me I can
only conclude that God chose me for work that will require my total commitment. I feel good working for him and
continue to get closer. I do not and have never attended the established Church, as I do not believe that religion in
humanistic terms in this age is what Yeshua ha Mashiach, is all about.  Although difficult in the last days, I
endeavour to follow The God of Abraham Torah. I am a Torah Scholar and look to the scriptures for the authoritative
Word of God.

Update 1st Dec 2010: I would also like to say if i may that I am currently and have continually updating the site to
reflect my development in the scriptures and particularly to written Torah. Some of the earliest pages and articles will
be updated to reflect that. Satan has launched many attacks upon me since returning to the UK, much the same as
in Cayman where I was being told and coerced to drop the Torah and Hebrew teachings.
Published 23 Oct 2009    
The only connection that I want or need is to Yeshua and
written Torah and am not in a position to get involved in
anything or project if it means abandoning the truth. I have
explained this to groups who not only ignore what I say and
my belief in the truth but actively try to take me away from it
to bring me into their agenda. This has involved the
Zionists, British Establishment, New World Order ( evil ) so
it is anybodies guess what they might do. Remember also
that these people and bodies that they represent are
merging a one world government in the UN and EU and all
those taking part are accepting the mark of the beast.
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The Doctrine of
Repentance In
matrimony between
psychology and
Christianity has
created an unholy
alliance which is
producing some
strange children that
are permitting,
promoting, and
preaching deceiving,
dangerous, and
damnable false
Rabbi Schneur Zalman of
Liadi..A common
misconception is that
teshuvah ("repentance") is
thus applies only to sinners
and lowly people. In truth,
teshuvah is the soul's return
to and restoration of its
original purity, and applies to
every soul that has
descended into the human
Said Rabbi Eliezer:
"Repent one day
before your death."
His disciples asked
him, "Does a person
then know which
day he will die?"
Said he to them,
"How much more so
should he repent
today..."  Talmud,
Shabbat 153a
I like your Christ, I just
don't like your
(1) “For Lo, in those days
and at that time, When I
restore the fortunes of
Judah and Jerusalem
(2) I will also gather all
nations, And bring them
down to the Valley of
And I will contend with
them Over  My very own
people, Israel,
Which they scattered
among the nations;
For they divided my land
among themselves,
And cast lots over my
and they bartered a boy
for a whore,
and sold a girl for wine,
Joel 4
Tradyon Murdered (2nd
Chananya Ben Tradyon,
one of the "Ten
Martyrs"  was
discovered by The
Romans teaching the
outlawed Torah. They
then wrapped him in a
Torah scroll, piled
bundles of twigs around
him, and before setting
him afire they placed
damp woolen cloths on
him to prolong the agony
of being burned to death.
As the flames engulfed
him, his disciples asked
him, "Master, what do
you see?" Rabbi
Chananya replied: "I see
a scroll burning, but the
letters flying up to
NASA: A Puzzling
Collapse of Earth's
Upper Atmosphere.
"Something is going on
that we do not
understand," says
by Nadav Shragai..
please read this
references the
resurrection at the end
of the age at the
climax of Armageddon.
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