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We imagine and have seen the awesome power of HaShem. Could he not deal with them where
they stood instead of commanding a separation. The separation was physical one and so what did
he have in mind. Again the most important points. The community with Moshe' needed to instantly
respond to HaShem's command to remove themselves for Korah's camp as he knows what is to
happen. HaShem brings about a unique manifestation of his laws of nature and opens the ground
only where Korah's camp are and they swallowed into Sheol. The ground then covers back over.
Earthquakes ordinarily do not close back over. It seems among many messages that HaShem
may be giving here is listen to what they have to say but you decide what to do. Korah was being
advised obviously and his decision was bad one. Yeshua in his ministry also warns that their will
be similar separation in the end of days amid great tribulation on earth. What is Sheol? How do we
know what befell those who went beneath the earth and does life really end there. We see the
earth cracking and splitting around us this very day. Volcanoes and earthquakes and wars. But
what is this punishment that HaShem has given them. The B'rit Chadashah explains in more detail
what this means. We have a short life in this world. Death is for eternity and all things are judged by
HaShem who will take our bodies back to the dust of the earth and our souls to a place for the dead

Here we have the Torah determining exactly the situation that is in this world today. The fallen
agenda of mankind who rebel against  HaShem and Yeshua positioning themselves for a
Godless world government. They use the same tactic as did Korah concerning accusations of
Moshe misunderstanding the instructions and they can be interpreted as one sees fit. Also that
Moshe was empire building and advocating precepts that were his own agendas. Korah used the
laws of fringes to challenge Moshe but Moshe followed HaShem's word on the matter (15:37-41).
The Torah teaches that Sheol is for the living, both the wicked and the righteous   

  • Num 16:32 The earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, along with their
    households—everyone who belonged to Korah and all their goods. 33 So they with all that
    belonged to them went down alive into Sheol; the earth closed over them, and they
    perished from the midst of the assembly.

An attack on a servant of HaShem, is an attack on HaShem. Korah was clearly a great a figure. Just
as Moshe, Aaron and the faithful did, following HaShem's word will keep a soul from the evil one.  
Divine protection is having the Glory of G-d upon you

Once those like Moshe have chosen HaShem by showing that they are humble servants through
their actions, HaShem will illuminate them and stand by them. Moshe was commanded to take
each tribal leaders staff. It is those who show greatest devotion to Torah that will prevail. HaShem
will cause his people to blossom and shine when it is time, and what is ordained from above
since the beginning of time will not be and cannot be changed by anyone other than the Almighty

  • Num 17:2 Speak to the Israelites, and get twelve staffs from them, one for each ancestral
    house, from all the leaders of their ancestral houses. Write each man’s name on his staff,
    3 and write Aaron’s name on the staff of Levi. For there shall be one staff for the head of
    each ancestral house. 4 Place them in the tent of meeting before the covenant, where I
    meet with you. 5 And the staff of the man whom I choose shall sprout; thus I will put a stop
    to the complaints of the Israelites that they continually make against you.

Torah is not merely a cause for resisting the evil inclination, but a fuller understanding of HaShem
and the creation of the itself and mans purpose in it. By one person turning to Torah
and applying themselves how the world immediately around us and inside of us becomes to get
brighter and purer. Higher office requires higher levels of thought and humbleness and this as
HaShem states....was what Moshe' had. Moshe and Aaron's descendants were to be the future of
Biblical Israel, but always they needed to keep the Torah and resist the wiles of the devil which as
we know are the most vile and murderous (holocaust). The Levites although great in their service
to HaShem never were allowed land...rather the donations given to HaShem a portion (tithes) of all
the sacred gifts

  • Num 18:21 To the Levites I have given every tithe in Israel for a possession in return for the
    service that they perform, the service in the tent of meeting.

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Baruch Ha-Shem
Posted Friday June 24 2011
Korach  "Took Himself" Numbers 16:1-18:32
Korach took it upon himself with collusion and support of 250 Israelite chieftains and community amounting to
fourteen thousand and seven hundred, to stand against Moshe' and Aaron. His accusations were that Moshe was
a despot or become a dictator who was empire building. Was his stand against Moshe' or HaShem. Moshe' was
the most humble man and doing exactly as HaShem was instructing him to do in regards to upholding and
teaching the Torah. His rebellion was against HaShem if Moshe was a servant of HaShem. The Torah says the
descendants of Reuben are the root of the rebellion. Our studies into the Laws of Nature and deciphering how
everything functions around us, might have a much to do with the teachings concerning the service in and around
the MSHKHN (MishKHAN or Tabernacle)

  • 16:3 They combined against Moses and Aaron and said to them, "You have gone to far! For all the
    community are holy, all of them, and the Lord is in their midst. Why then do you raise yourselves above the
    Lord's congregation  

was Korah's statement. HaShem is the judge and it his ideals that stand up and not mans which Moshe' new.
Korach stating that they were the chosen ones (holy) and that Moshe was not of HaShem

  • 16:4 When Moses heard this he fell on his face

Moshe "fell on his face" is used three time as far as I can see...Num 16:22, Num 17:10. Moshe' knew the
implications here and what was likely to befall the rebellious actions unless they repented from their course.
Moshe' of course new what was going on and doing as HaShem instructed him to do. The previous rebellions
and dissent were just behind this confrontation and Moshe' would have known that this was going to be dealt with
harshly. Moshe' now with this way forward probably gives them time to rethink their course of action and tells them
how to proceed

  • 16:5 Then he spoke to Korach and all his company, saying, Come morning, the Lord will make known
    who is His and who is holy, and will grant access to himself; He will grant access to the one He has

Moshe talks with HaShem and suggests HaShem decides! One might conclude that at that point they would have
thought again. Why did Korah and his followers proceed.

  • You, Korah and all your band, take fire pans, and tomorrow put fire in them and lay incense in them before
    the Lord

Clearly Moshe was following HaShem and previously  we saw what happened to Aarons two sons for offering
alien fire.

  • 16:11 Truly it is against the Lord that you and all your company have banded together

The next passage gives a curious parallel between the slavery in Egypt to the eventual promised land. There were
those who when in Egypt became part of the evil system and were cruel to others. Korach indicates that Egypt to
him was milk and honey and that he was happy there. Now he is discontent because others have been elevated
to priestly positions and Moshe and Aaron's bloodlines are the leadership. Is the Torah pointing to HaShem as a
G-d of justice putting things in the correct order  

  • Num 16:13 Is it not enough for you that you have brought us out of a land that flows with milk and honey, to
    kill us in the wilderness, but that you should make yourselves princess over us?

Here we have it in scripture....Korah and his bands wanted it seems the priest hood and control of things and
much talk and chatter would have put him up to this. HaShem now gives an order to Moshe and the other loyal
peoples to separate themselves from the rebels. HaShem even when the wicked are so inextricably linked with
the good, can separate and in compassion would only punish the wicked and not the innocent and Moshe makes
a plea accordingly

  • 16:20 and the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying 21 Stand back from this community that i may
    annihilate them in an instant! 22 But they fell on their faces and said, "O God, Sources of the breath of all
    flesh! When one man sins, will you be wrathful with the whole community?
NASA: A Puzzling Collapse
of Earth's Upper
Atmosphere. "Something
is going on that we do not
understand," says
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Torah Scholar
12th 1st Month 5769
6th April 2009
  • Num 16:1 Now Korah, son of Izhar son of Kohath son of Levi,
    betook himself, along with Dathan and Abiram sons of Eliab, and
    on son of Peleth----descendants of Reuben 2 to rise up against
    moses, together with two hundred and fifty Israelites, chieftans of
    the community, chosen in the assemble, men of repute
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I like your Christ, I just
don't like your
Christians..M.K. Gandhi
Tradyon Murdered (2nd
century CE)..Rabbi
Chananya Ben Tradyon,
one of the "Ten
Martyrs"  was
discovered by The
Romans teaching the
outlawed Torah. They
then wrapped him in a
Torah scroll, piled
bundles of twigs around
him, and before setting
him afire they placed
damp woolen cloths on
him to prolong the agony
of being burned to death.
As the flames engulfed
him, his disciples asked
him, "Master, what do
you see?" Rabbi
Chananya replied: "I see
a scroll burning, but the
letters flying up to
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