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British Queens Christmas Broadcast 2010

My Comment:
Here we have a very high level player in the Zionist New World Order, the Satanic Order ( masons
) worshiping a Pagan festival.

The British Queen swore an oath at her coronation in 1953. This is an excerpt from it where she is asked the

  • Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?

She replied..."All this I promise to do". The laws of God are the Torah..the commandments and the church that
she heads up is Roman and nullifies the Torah

A very serious situation has arisen in the world for every one and particularly in Britain. The
agenda conspires to both depress and then elate the population into unity with them. For
example a royal wedding next " big society " etc..Each community in the UK will be
seeing something form that will be controlled by the masons..churches, businesses.."pubs "
where ever there is whore worship essentially. It is interesting to note that the Creator, YHWH
has caused this pagan festival and their New year celebration to fall on his weekly
7th day
Sabbath of rest and worship.

Remember also that this is the agenda that 1 year ago in Copenhagen endorsed the biggest
criminal scam ever..Global Warming.

President Obama is another who has been bowing down to the King of UAE. Britain likewise has
let itself fall under the mantle of the Muslim nations and the Queen recently visited there. The
nation of Israel is being turned into a gigantic concentration camp and will be the resting place of
many it would seem in the very near future. It looks that way. Zionism is trying to force a return to
the land of Israel instead of the biblical peaceful return when the God of Israel brings everyone
back at the time of the messianic era. The Zionist State of Israel is not the Promised land where
the Torah priesthood have an inheritance. Biblical Jews are still part of the diaspora until that
time and many speak out against the Zionist agenda which is the anti thesis to the Torah

It again is highly intriguing that to follow the daily and weekly Parshah ( Torah Portions ) at this
time we read in the current Book of Exodus that Moshe and Aaron are now deliberating with
Pharoe about the release of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt. A much debated aspect of the
text is Gods use of the expression " to harden hearts ":

  • Exodus 7:3 But I will harden Pharaoh's heart, that I may multiply my signs and marvels
    in the land of Egypt.

If he is a God of HaShem ( compassion ) and peace why would he harden Pharoe's heart
resulting in Pharoe bringing on another plague, thus exacerbating more suffering. Given also
that God knows everything including the future.

HaShem in the first instance acted by starting to free peoples from an evil Tyrant. This then
caused the Tyrant to have to start making his decisions about what to do about it. Pharaoh's
heart then began to make choices surrounding his thoughts that he was a G-d and above the
creator of all things.

Pharoe was given the opportunity to repent and stop the slavery and cruelty that he was
administering to the Jews / Israelites. He agreed with Moses on more than one occasion to let
them go and then went back on his word. Another plague was then administered. Pharoe and
Egypt is evil and HaShem knows that they will not repent or do what is righteous so this is the
only way he can redeem the people from slavery. Pharaohs ability to choose was removed and
was then punished

Breaking News 28 Dec 2010:

  • TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said on
    Tuesday that a fate worse than what Hitler experienced is waiting for the US and Britain's
    warmongering leaders

This comment above from Iran. Here is the most curious dynamic in trying to understand the
world and how it works. The Iranian leadership call the western powers Satan as he does the
Zionist State of Israel. It was the Zionists who inflamed the third Reich into hatred against Jews.
The Zionists (Rothschild's / Rockefella) are Jews who are against the Torah and control much of
the world money and banking systems. Otherwise know as the New World Order positioning
themselves in the EU and UN for a global government. They also control the State of Israel. It is
the Zionists who control the US / British / French administrations.

Update 24th Sep 2011

This article above outlines the British / US with the help of the Muslim nations beating the drums
of war against Iran. This next article from the EU Times is interesting

There are many Rabbis of the Torah who petition against  Zionism and the State of Israel saying
that the land is the Palestinians and it is against the Torah for it to be there. This has been one of
the most startling dynamic once I found these Rabbis. Of course there voice needed to be
listened to. PM Netanyahu has said that he will not return to the 67 borders because this will
indefensible for his people. Another holocaust is thus being avoided. It is hard for a person to
decry that sentiment, in fact i support that. This does need to looked at but remember, that to turn
to the God of Israel we keep the written Torah...that is how to worship HaShem (G-d).
Armageddon.....The Final 7 Years / Part 4
europeanunion Recommendation 666
This UN / EU Crisis Management Machinery ( NATO and Satan ) will be the largest ever assembled amounting
to millions of men, women, and most technologically advanced warmonger toys. How can Israel possibly win
or survive? The Church of england is of the same system of worship as Rome...certianly not Torah observant.

What this represents is the Catholic and Christian Greek Jesus as opposed to the Hebrew Yeshua ( Written
Torah ). Replacement Theology is a false doctrine that suggests that the church has replaced Israel as the
chosen people. This system of worship will have changed the Creators ( HaShem) Holy Commandments...
Torah. Not only changed but actively breaking them and trying to get you to join in. The act of worship is what
tells all. What you say and what you do. The mark on your forehead and the mark on your hand  

This biblical verse above from the Book of Revelation has become synonymous with a world government
system that is demonic and might allude to a veri-chip implanted either in your hand or forehead and that will
control you completely-we may well see such a device. We can monitored down to the very chair that you sit in.

Again it is worth noting where we are in the current daily and weekly Parshah ( Torah Portion )..Exodus and the
redemption of the Israelites from Egypt. Here we see in the Torah the use of the use expression by HaShem for
the first time:

  • Ex 13:9  " Bo "  It is a sign to you over your hand, and a remembrance between your eyes. Therefore
    Yahweh's Torah will be in your mouth. With a fortified hand Yahweh proceeded you from Egypt.

In context the above passage is part of the institution of the festival of Passover and Unleavened Bread and you
show your faith and trust in HaShem by following his commands and fixed appointed times as he describes
here. It is not what we think or they think it should as so many from different religions indicate.
I like your Christ, I just
don't like your
Christians..M.K. Gandhi
NASA: A Puzzling
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