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The dynamic is that Israel, under Ehud Olmerts Government in collaboration with the Bush
administration ( roadmap for peace ), did sign into exactly those terms through Israels ENP with
the EU. Israel with PM Netanyahu at its helm are now extreme right and breaking that agreement
which makes them subject to
The EU's' crisis management machinery if they do not comply within
the 7 year plan. Catherine Ashton now coming into the picture quite forthrightly has the basis of
the largest military and civilian crisis machinery ever assembled at her disposal. This includes
the Middle East Quartet which she is a member of through her EU position. The other members
are Russia, the UN, the USA. Tony Blair is emissary. Thats what is going on. Interesting..

The " Big Society ". Oh I used to work on Charlie boys protection team by the way before they
briefed against me one of their Royal persecution scams. A right Royal shafting as its known. The
British are masters at it and this has been going on with me for a long time. The masons are at it
where I live again..the Whore of Babylon. I spoke up for Princess Diana when I was there. It was at
the time of all the scandal and her death. I been fighting them for years and still do. I am not a
mason you see and hate evil. This Big you can see from these articles below is being
endorsed by the Christian Churches...what a surprise. They are against Torah / Gods Word. This
it appears to me to be the mark of the beast System coming into being as we approach the anti
Messiah's reign. If you worship with the whores agenda ( Rev 17 ), meaning that by the works of
your hand ( Rev 13:16 ) enter into the false worship then you accept the mark of the beast. Its
really happening folks and Britain is at the forefront of all of the evil. BP oil spill, Libya, Paedophilia,
Stolen Nukes, Hamas terrorism, EU / UN masonic governance the lot.  As far as Scotland is
concerned well I am Scottish born and again wish to disassociate myself from The British
establishment totally. Scotland is one of the most vile in its management and particularly masonic
control. It most definitely is not detached from Buckingham Palace influence. I can talk from
experience there again. Several attempts were made on my life and evil agents are constantly
being imposed upon me where i am. That will not change as the British establishment are the

What happens to those who go against Jerusalem:

  • Shemot 20:17 but you shall devote them to complete destruction, the Hittites and the
    Amorites, the Canaanites and the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites, as the Lord
    your God has commanded,

All of our presence and purpose to creation and the 7th day sabbath is Gods plan of redemption.
Torah Portion for Tisha B'Av: Deuteronomy 4:45

  • these are the decrees, Laws, and rules that Moses addressed to the people of Israel,
    after they had left Egypt,

Chumash Commentary: The decrees, laws

  • commandments that testify to Gods miracles, such as the Sabbath, which testifies to
    Creation, and matzah, which testifies to the Exodus.

It is quite incredible when you live and read Torah as i am aspiring to for the first time that these
portions are relating to events that are happening in the world. If you find that you have a " yearning
" for the truth, I really recommend buying the books that I have: The Tanakh / JPS, The Chumash /
Stone Edition, The Jewish New Testament / David H. Stern, Onkelos on Torah. David Cameron is
in Washington for his first PM's visit with Barak Obama at the White House. Behind door meeting
apparently and Cameron saying that they were in " violent agreement " over issues.

Wed 21st July 2010: Torah Portion Deuteronomy / Devarim Chap 5:3:

  • It was not with our fathers that the Lord made his covenant, but with us, the living,
    every one of us who is here today.

Friday July 23rd 2010:  British PM in Washington DC and declaring that Britain was junior partner
to the US during the WWII. The PM mentioned that Britain brings many connections through its
special forces, connections in the EU to the table. Now thats interesting remembering that the EU
is the anti Christs governing body. Now at the same time in the UK, Camerons coalition partner
Nick Clegg from the Lib Dems declares in parliament that the Iraq war was illegal creating a furor.
Cameron was one of the politicians who agreed to the Iraq war. He was also involved with the
stolen nukes scandal which also implicates him in the Dr. Kelly affair,
BP corruption, Libyan
corruption and the NWO agenda. Peter Mandelson was glorifying himself in his otherwise name,
The Prince of Darkness. It's an absolutely vile concept that someone apparently in a position of
high office in The UK could make light, glorify or even try to make money out of that name instead
of either you think distancing themselves from it. It is quite enlightening however to hear Nick
Clegg say what he did. Thats great maybe there is light (Torah ) in British Parliament somewhere.
God is great. It should be said however that Nick Clegg has indicated that he is a strong supporter
of equal rights marriage: It is a highly contentious issue..same sex relations but God says that
woman was born from man to be a " companion " to man. They are friends first and that
procreation was not the primary purpose of womans creation ( Genesis ).

Provided that both man and woman are Torah observant then they will have one heck of a time
together. In Leviticus it says that a man must not lay with another man as he does a woman.
Remember also that these, the most murderous, idolatrous and immoral criminals that this age
has seen have had the hypocrisy and sickness of mind to allow arrest warrants to be issued for
Israeli politicians for defending themselves and their country against this kind of this

Update news on the 18th July 2010: Many of Gods prophecies have come to pass since first publishing this
article in the early part of 2009 and its looking like the timeline is bang on schedule in relation the 7 year
agreement between Israel and the EU. Catherine Ashton as High Representative of the European Union for
Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for The EU is in the news this weekend having replaced Javier Solana earlier on
this year. Hopefully you have
read through the EU documents that i have published on this site. She has assumed
quite amazing powers under her position as Common Foreign and Security Policy High Rep, the power under
recommendation 666 to mobilise military and civilian crisis management ( Marshall law ) machinery. A British
baroness with all that power, I wonder who she answers to in the UK? Now that there is a President for the EU
Council ( Rompuy ) she only needs to go to him and then they can run rampage over Israel which is the intention.

Tony Blair, High level Mason ( satanist ), Roman Catholic: Now this is intriguing. TB  was tipped for that job ( EU
council President ) but because of the Chilcot enquiry concerning Iraq never got it. However he is ingratiating
himself with Israel at the moment and that position comes available again in mid 2012. The Presidency is a 2.5
year appointment. What if Tony Blair gets it in 2012..He is not only emissary to the middle east quartet but would
also have all of the power under recommendation 666 and the EU / UN. The most powerful man in the world. The
US elections are 2012 and a " republican " will definitely be elected or one of their agents at least. I was working at
Buckingham palace as a Police Officer (Zionist) when TB became PM...I remember how excited all of his masonic
police satanist fellow worshipers were about this. The Scotland yard police have been in 10 Downing Street and
Buckingham Palace for how long is it now!!!!!!!!!! I am " not " suggesting that TB is the fallen agenda that HaShem
is warning us about in scripture but merely considering a variety of the facts and pointers that are transpiring. If we
are in the climactic days as i am considering then the man of sin has been building up his empire of evil and the
EU carries a one world government intention. 2012 could see whoever it is take up position and these may be
some of the pointers as to when.

  • Shemot 33:2 I will send an angel before you, and I will drive out the Canaanites, the Amorites, the
    Hittites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites.

You have no idea how critical to every single person in the world that this next article may be. If you have not read
about the EU Documents available and been watching world events then my advice is start. This " may ", ( I cannot
say for sure ) herald the final woes ( Rev 8:13 - 9: ) of the age for mankind. Obama is all but collapsed as a
president having screwed up the world. That was his role in The NWO's agenda. He has not finished yet of course
and will not see 4 years beyond 2012. Given the plans exposure they may change it. We " may " well see serious
retribution being meted out to the wicked and unrepentant at this time.

18 July 2010: Here we have an amazing dialogue between the EU and Israel. The most important dynamic in this
conference is the following:

  • High Rep Ashton:  As I have consistently said, the solution is a two-state solution in line with what has
    been said by the Quartet and by the European Union on many occasions, but most recently over the last
    few months, and Gaza should be part of that. I have made this position clear for Foreign Minister Liberman;
    he knows well where I stand and where the European Union stands on that.

If you have read the EU Documents that I have highlighted you will see that means the 1967 borders and a
Palestinian controlled East Jerusalem or Biblical Judea which is not going to be agreed upon by Israel. Namely
because it means annihilation for Torah Jews and Israel:

Armageddon.....The Final 7 Years / Part 3
europeanunion Recommendation 666
I like your Christ, I just
don't like your
Christians..M.K. Gandhi
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Upper Atmosphere.
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