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Breaking News:  Relating to the Divine and
Natural Sciences begun 24th April 2014, at the
end of the Hebrew Pesach Moed as we enter a
period of planetary movement and alignment
as well as evil mens activities...and their gods
design.; My own work. The website has been designed and engineered by myself as as well
as designing the graphics. There are still some features of that belonging to the web hosting
service. However the page templates and banners are my own design.
George Hobbs Graphics
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Torah Scholar: this is a research and study section concerning the
Laws of nature and the world in which we live. The Hebrew Torah is my
main point of study. This is an investigative episode concerning
Genetics and DNA,  Physics, Meta Physics, Anthropology and natural

Pre-History: , studies into this caused me to find some stone age tools
used for cutting meat. Also a stone crafted as a fishing weight. Click the
Art Gallery link below to view the images

Art & Photo: Here is my Pro Gallery of Photos and drawings of work.

Graphics: I designed the graphics on this site and engineered it. This
service is also available
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